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You will learn how to:

  • Improve your personal leadership, and how to inspire and empower others!
  • Become an Inclusive Leader and tap into the creativity of your team!
  • Improve your communication and run weekly meetings like a CEO!
  • Make your team feel that they matter! Performance will grow as a result!
  • Learn how to faciliate and run meetings for maximum impact and results!
  • Learn how to deploy joint target setting in a way that works!
  • Learn how to use one of the most popular and scientifically proven leadership styles!
  • Increase performance, profit, and boost your own career for new opportunities and higher salaries!

This course is for:

  • Team members who want to become better at influencing others
  • Aspiring managers who want to learn leadership, improve their perfomance, and get noticed for promotion!
  • Informal leaders who need to work better with their colleagues
  • Managers who want to improve, learn, and obtain improved team results, increasing the chance for promotion.
  • Senior leaders who need new methods of including, empowering and stimulating creativity in a team or organization.
  • Autocratic people who need to open up their senses and perspectives to other people
  • Anyone who want to improve their interaction with others, including colleagues, customers, suppliers, and friends and family

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Many courses stop at describing and defining Democratic Leadership:

We Go Much Deeper and Teach You How to Learn, Use and to Reach Success as a Democratic Leader!

Strong performance can help you to obtain a higher salary increase or even a promotion. In my job as a CEO, democratic leadership is one of the leadership styles I use most frequently since I have found that it builds performance through engagement, a sustainable approach rather than ordering people around for short-term productivity peaks. The viability of democratic leadership has also been scientifically proven.

Learn Democratic Leadership from Carl Lindberg, a successful CEO, in this online course and improve your leadership skills. Whether you are a manager or an informal leader, you can benefit substantially from using Democratic Leadership.

Democratic Leadership builds empowerment, accountability, creativity, and cooperation in your team. All this results in strong employee engagement, which drives the overall performance of your team. Overall team performance will boost your management and leadership career, with promotions and higher salary as a results.

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You can read more about the course author, Carl Lindberg, in the About Us section at Carl has had leadership roles such as Supervisor, Project Manager, Team Leader, Manager, Director, Vice President, Senior Vice President, and CEO during his career.

Watch the Emotional Intelligence Intro of the course right here, where Carl explains the four elements of Emotional Intelligence:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Management
  • Social Awareness
  • Relationship Management

The Democratic Leadership Course contains:

  • Secret tips and tricks from a seasoned CEO that you can use to improve your leadership, starting today!
  • A detailed walkthrough of the 5 elements of Democratic Leadership and exercises that help you internalize the knowledge and transform into a democratic leader
  • A democratic leadership development plan that you personalize during the exercises of the course with my guidance, templates included.
  • Detailed explanations on how you can implement democratic leadership in eight steps, one at a time
  • A thorough example of how to run a weekly meeting in a democratic leadership way, the way a CEO does it
  • Example of how to use a democratic approach to improve customer satisfaction together with your team
  • How to scramble around a big problem, such as the example of a delivery crisis, together with your team in a democratic fashion
  • 2 hours and 45 minutes of course material: Listen to the audio while driving, jogging, or doing something else, or watch the video with the supporting presentation slides – it is completely up to you
  • You will have access to the course for 6 months after payment
  • You can contact Carl at if you have questions during your course experience

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Why does Democratic Leadership work?

It Builds Strong Team Engagement!

Democratic Leadership has a positive effect on team climate, which drives performance, which in the end, lands you, the leader, a promotion and possibly a better job and higher salary

It Unlocks the Skills of Every Team Member!

Pluggin into the team and empowering them results in great engagement. Participation in in decision-making builds accountability: everyone takes responsibility for performance.

The Open Climate Drives Innovation & Cooperation

The openess of Democratic Leadership enables team work, creativity and innovative problem solving. Use this for continuous improvement or the next novel idea to disrupt your industry!

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What you will learn from this Democratic Leadership course 

This course provides theoretical background, and more importantly, multiple real life examples and eight great steps toward the implementation of Democratic Leadership in your team, taught by a real CEO, with examples from his career.


Theory and Science of Democratic Leadership

Learn what Democratic Leadership is, and how science has shown that it drives performance, creativity, and engagement in teams. You learn of the advantages to work for, and the disadvantages to avoid or mitigate. You will learn the elements of democratic leadership, which form the basic platform of this leadership style.


The Eight Step for Successful Implementation

Learn about the eight steps of implementing Democratic Leadership in your team. These eight steps really work, and have been used multiple times by the CEO who teaches the class, with great success as result.


Draw from the Experience of a CEO

Learn from the experience of a CEO: practical examples on how to use democratic leadership in different teams to build empowerment, creativity, accountability, and strong performance. We also guide you as you create your own Democratic Leadership Development Plan!

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Great Performance Can Lead to Promotion or Higher Salary Increases*. Democratic Leadership can boost your salary development, easily covering the cost of this course!



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back guarantee!

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*Average US manager's salary is $62.794 according to Average pay increase is 3% annually. A potentially higher pay increase of 6% thanks to outstanding performance could mean almost $2.000 higher salary the first year! We cannot guarantee this of course, this is just to put things in perspective with an example.

The Democratic Leadership Course Blocks:

The course is divided into eight blocks providing you with background, goals and scientific background of democratic leadership in the first two blocks.
Blocks three and four take you through  the advantages of democratic leadership and its practical elements.
The fifth segment focuses on disadvantages, teaching you how to avoid the pitfalls and the drawbacks of democratic leadership.
Block six provides you with detailed practical and real examples of how you can use democratic leadership in a leadership environment.
To enable you to become a great democratic leader, the seventh block contains information on the elements of democratic leadership, and more importantly, how you need to adapt yourself and your leadership to drive performance further.
You can read more about the blocks and their content below, including some images from the presentation material within the course.

Block 1: Course Introduction

Understanding the potential of Democratic Leadership, the goals of this course, introduction to the course author, Carl Lindberg, CEO, and some real world examples of democratic leadership to get your inspiration going.

The Potential of Democractic Leadership and Reasons to Use It

Real World Examples of Democratic Leadership in the works!

Block 2: The Science of Democratic Leadership

The Democratic Leadership style has strong support from Science and is a part of several leadership styles theories. This block shows you why democratic leadership is good and what it leads to. Since Emotional Intelligence is of major importance in all leadership situations, you also get a short introduction of that, in order to improve your chances of success.

Theory and Scientific Findings concerning Democratic Leadership

Introduction of Emotional Intelligence and Its Importance

Block 3: The Advantages of Democratic Leadership

The Practical Concept of Democratic Leadership

The Strong Advantages of Democratic Leadership

Block 4: The Elements of Democratic Leadership

Knowing How to use the Expertise of the Team

How to Provide Optimum Faciliation for Team Meetings

The Importance of Being Respectful and Openminded as a Leader

How to Quickly Understand and Prioritize Information

Avoiding Autocratic Behaviors

5 Exercises and Outlining of your Leadership Development Plan

Block 5: The Disadvantages of Democratic Leadership

The Risks of Over-Collaboration and Safe-Guarding Productivity

Requirements on Team Skills and Experience

Block 6: Examples of Democratic Leadership in Practice

How to Run Weekly Meetings Like a Pro for Maximum Impact

How To Improve Customer Satisfaction as a Team

Block 7: From Theory to Practice: The Eight Steps of Implementing Democratic Leadership for Strong Performance

1. How to Start With Your Closest Team

2. How to Work with Communication

3. Establishing Transparency and Ensuring Everyone is On-Board

4. How to Enable Creativity in Your Team

5. Ensuring Inclusion Within the Team

6. How To Set Joint Targets

7. Striving for Consensus in the Team

8. Team Execution

Course Sample: Carl explains the 6th step of Implementing Democratic Leadership

Block 8: Conclusions

Conclusions and Wrap-Up

Summary and Final Remarks

Now it is time for you to start your own personal transformation into a better leader and learn how to use and master the democratic leadership style. Remember, you have 60 days money back guarantee in case the course does not deliver on its promises.

Learn all this for only $99!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about course platform, how you gain access, etc.? Look no further!

When and How Can I Access the Course?

Once you have paid for the course, you will immediately be forwarded to a landing page that contains a login link to the course, which is hosted by Coachannel. The page also contains your user information which you will need as you log in. The user credentials and the link will also be sent to you in a separate email to the address you specified upon registration and purchase. You can access the course for six months after purchase. In a nutshell: you get access to the course immediately upoon payment.

What Platform is the Course Hosted on?

The course is sold by Digistore24, a distribution platform we cooperate with, and hosted at, a professional platform built specifically for hosting and delivering online courses.The platform contains a user interface where you can easily navigate between different parts of the course, a progress indicator shows how far along you are, and where applicable, the course block page has additional information and exercises in text form below the video.

What is the Format of this Course?

The course is in video format with Carl Lindberg narrating, and information packed slides to further strengthen the information Carl teaches you. Given the nature of the course, you can easily listen to the course and understand and learn the contents without seeing the video. This enables you to learn by listening as you commute, fold laundry or other suitable activities in your most likely already packed agenda.

How Long Does it Take to Complete the Course?

The course consist of roughly 2 hours and 45 minutes of video and audio material. However, it is important that you try the steps in real life, hence, I would recommend you to go through blocks one to six during the first week or two, to understand the concept, aspects and elements of democratic leadership. As you get to block 7: From Theory to Practice, I recommend you move forward at slower pace with one or two steps per week. This is to enable you to truly try the techniques in your life, observe others and how they behave, and understand the potential impact of using the techniques you have learnt. If you go too fast, there is a risk that your knowledge stays theoretical and that you do not fully transform into a new type of leader. The democratic leadership plan template is there to help you build your own schedule with concrete steps and actions to transform yourself. Depending on you and your needs, the course might take shorter or longer time to complete.
If you use this approach, you would spend about six to ten weeks with the course, and really emerge into the content and developing new practical skills that will stay with you for the future. That said, you can complete the course in less than three hours, but that means you are less likely to develop yourself.

What if I am Disappointed with the Course?

Although I am confident that you will enjoy the course and learn some great leadership skills from it, I understand if you are concerned before purchasing. You have sixt days money back guarantee and can contact Digistore24 for a refund within that time, so no need to worry.

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